Reach your dream of becoming a nurse and a licensed teacher!

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. will offer a college sponsorship program to DESERVING and QUALIFIED incoming freshmen students and transferees who want to pursue a BS Nursing and Education (BSEd/BEed/BTVTEd) programs for the SY 2022-23 to help students continue their college education amid the financial challenges.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Must be a new/ transfer student who will enroll in BS Nursing and Education Programs (BSEd, BEed, BSTVTEd)
  2. Willing to pursue the course within SY 2022- 2026 (maximum of 4 years).
  3. Financially challenged but a deserving student
  4. A graduate of Senior High School (public/ private)
  5. Not a recipient of any scholarship or grant.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

*Limited slots only

Click this link to apply online: