Bachelor in Secondary Education

Bachelor in Elementary Education

Bachelor in Technical Vocational in Teacher Education Major in Food Service Management

“Making a Difference in People’s Lives“

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s Education program maintains a small class size for major subjects and LET preparation so students can acquire competent skills that go beyond the classroom and can help them stand out both personally and professionally.

Our education programs expose the students to various field studies, challenging teaching experiences in a classroom setting for them to become effective educators to learn diverse teaching strategies

We offer Bachelor in Secondary Education, Bachelor in Elementary Education, and Bachelor in Technical Vocational in Teacher Education Major in Food Service Management.

Bachelor in Secondary Education

Our Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) is a four-year degree program designed to prepare students for becoming high school teachers. The students are exposed to theories and practices to develop the necessary knowledge and skills a high school teacher needs. We aim to produce competent teachers who provide a conducive and relevant learning experience to our students. . Our future licensed teachers are also empowered to continually develop themselves and collaborate with the rest of the education community, towards contributing to the improvement of the educational setting for all learners.

Bachelor in Elementary Education

Our Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) is a four-year program that provides academic, broad, and relevant training for future elementary school teachers of elementary students through general education courses, professional education, and specialization courses. Our program culminates with a teaching internship under the mentorship of highly experienced professional teachers.

Bachelor in Technical Vocational in Teacher Education Major in Food Service Management

Our Bachelor in Technical Vocational in Teacher Education (BTVTE) Major in Food Service Management is a program that gives students the knowledge and skills to be able to teach technical-vocational courses in  Food and Service Management, Automotive This program also involves a lot of education subjects.

BTVTE graduates who pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) can teach subjects such as Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE), Practical Arts, Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE), and other similar subjects. They can also teach in the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and other vocational schools.

Special Program: Professional Education Subjects

We also offer Uniting Program / 18 Units of Professional Education Subjects to non-education degree holders who would like to teach and take the Licensure Exam for Teachers.

Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s Education Program?

100% board passing rate

  • 100% PASSING RATE – Bachelor in Elementary Education (March 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers)
  • 100 % PASSING RATE – Bachelor in Secondary Education (January 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers)
  • 100% PASSING RATE – Bachelor in Elementary Education (January 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers)

Well-experienced and dedicated teaching team

  • Our roster of faculties have credentials, publications and have various experiences, including both teaching experience and field experience.

Developmental programs and seminars

  • Our education program students are exposed to various developmental programs so they could acquire new skills of becoming a better teacher. They will gain confidence by learning new methods and information about their field which are important to teaching success.

Small class size for major subjects and LET preparation

  • Maintaining small-class sizes is our way of increasing our student’s achievement and of passing the board exam and ensuring that our students are understanding what was taught. This also gives our faculty members to provide more hands-on learning opportunities and a better chance of establishing good teacher-student relationships.

Student teaching opportunities and career placements.

  • We provide ready teaching internships to our education students to Andaman Group of Companies’ schools that will give our students hands-on experience working in a school environment. During the internship program, our students are guided by experienced mentors, receive feedback, and have the resources they need to succeed.
  • Our students who have undergone internship programs can also have an opportunity to work in these schools right after their graduation.


What Alumni are Saying?

“SACLI taught me to be self-sufficient and that learning cannot be accomplished by spoon-feeding and memorizing all of the terms and laws.” Rather, it can be accomplished by applying what you have learned throughout your existence. My experience at SACLI taught me to appreciate every step I take. To enjoy the victory while also enjoying the failure. Those lessons I had learned had shaped who I am today. I am currently employed as a Senior High School Science Teacher. Each semester and school year, I have the opportunity to meet new pupils, each with their own distinct personality. SACLI had prepared me for such a task. I was able to impart what I had learned and, more importantly, to inspire those students by sharing my personal experiences and realizations from my college path.”

Ms. Shiela Marie M. Abellanosa

Bachelor of Secondary Education Batch 2016

“I suppose the powerhouse roster of professors I had at SACLI during our undergraduate years had a huge effect on the kind of teacher, professional, and individual I am now. Dr. Genoveva Verdaguer, Dr. Sancho Calatrava, Prof. Fatima Villones, and Prof. Esperanza Padillo, to mention a few, helped us develop a persona that will serve us well in the classroom. Along with these names are those who paved the path for our student development: Prof. Geronimo T. Gavilan, Prof. Rose De Guzman, Prof. Nelson Dean, and the late Prof. Jona Artus.”

Mr. Alvin Forbes Patal

Bachelor of Secondary Education Batch 2012

“SACLI served as the ink in my pen. It nurtured my mind, trained my aptitudes, and honed my values to become the person I am today. Going back to my first year in the institution, I was a tabula rasa. But in the final years of my stay in the school, I was able to recreate my own canvas and design my own path as an educator. I owe this development to the influence given by my mentors in the College of Education particularly Dr. Genoveva Verdaguer, Dr. Sancho Calatrava, Prof. Fatima Villones and Prof. Fe Padillo. My gratitude also goes to the people who enlightened my path as a professional particularly Prof. Rose De Guzman and Atty. Jade Andaman.”

Ms. Madel Merjilla-Patal

Bachelor of Secondary Education Batch 2012