“The Home of Successful Local and International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Tourism Management program prides itself on being a consistent champion in various Philippine Tourism Competitions. Because of our BSTM students’ exposure to local and international culminating activities and practicum, we are proud to be the “Home of Successful International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”.

Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Tourism Program?

International Exposures and Cultural Exchange: 

The first batch of students from the School of Management for International Hospitality and Tourism started to enjoy the United States of America and learn the culture of International communities.


Certified Partnership and Immersion Programs with OKADA Manila and SOFITEL Manila

Nothing beats the WOW EXPERIENCES of BS HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT (Hotel and Restaurant Management) and BS TOURISM MANAGEMENT students and faculty from FIVE-STAR HOTELS Immersion Program:

  • Hospitality and Tourism Dream Jobs Seminar with DOT (SOFITEL Manila)
  • Hotel Room Accommodation Stay (SOFITEL Manila)
  • Hotel Immersion Dine and Tour (OKADA Manila)
  • Breakfast Buffet (SPIRAL, SOFITEL Manila)
  • Luncheon Buffet (SPIRAL, SOFITEL Manila)
  • Exclusive Dinner Buffet (MEDLEY, OKADA Manila)
  • Use of Five – Star Hotel facilities and amenities
  • Manila Food & Beverage Expositions (MAFBEX) at World Trade Center

Engage, Learn, and Enjoy!

You can be a part of the biggest names in the industry

We have produced global-ready graduates who are prospering in their careers and are now part of the biggest companies in the local and international tourism arena.

Recipient of numerous regional and national tourism competitions

Our students are exposed to various competitions and were trained by our highly qualified mentors, bringing home pride to our institution.

Well-equipped instructional facilities and laboratory

To enhance the instruction and enrich the competencies of the students, the BS Tourism Management program is equipped with built-in facilities which include stylish travel counter, pompous hot lounges, suite rooms, hot and cold kitchen (institutional type and the biggest facility in Region IV, food production units, coffee shop equipped with amenities and kitchen units, bar set-up, and demonstration and conference rooms.

Industry-Based Curricula and Renowned Faculty and Mentors

We have an industry-based curriculum that is competently handled by highly qualified faculty with expertise in the field of tourism.

Diverse Local and International Practicum

In terms of practicum and affiliation, students are sent overseas exposures such as Canada, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Jordan, and Australia. In the Philippines, the practicum is held in deluxe and first-class hotels, Class A and Class B restaurants, Class AAA resorts and country clubs; and in-flight and cruise facilities.

Access to the local and international network of successful alumni and hospitality partners.

By studying at St. Anne College, you will have an opportunity to join the local and, worldwide alumni network. You will be able to interact with fellow alumni and meet professionals and experts in the hospitality industry.

We Embrace Student-Approach to Student Development

We foster student development by facilitating meaningful experiences both inside and outside of the classroom and by bridging the two. As students apply what they learn in work and social settings, this will benefit their educational and personal development. On the other hand, through extracurricular and community experiences, this holistic approach will enrich classroom curricula.



What Alumni are Saying?

“St. Anne college Lucena, Inc. prepared me for my career right now by building my strength, confidence, and my knowledge to face different circumstances. Whether i failed or succeed, there will always be a lesson to step things up.”

Ms. Eizhelle De Guia

BSHRM Batch 2014-An International Flight Attendant

"SACLI open its doors for me. I was chosen as one of the students to compete in national and international competitions for years. And god is good, he did not just give me an opportunity he also gave the achievements that i myself couldn’t even imagine. He used st. Anne college lucena, inc. Especially our instructors, professors, and mentors as tools in achieving my dreams."

Mr. Luisito A. Cudanin, Jr.

BSHRM Batch 2012- The Pastry Chef

“Being a student assistant, SACLI has been my home for six years. The experiences of being a working student helped me develop as a person– emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It taught me resiliency and helped me deal well with any stress. Sacli has been my training ground, which prepared me in today’s real-life challenges.”

Anna Joy Gonzales

BS Accountancy Batch 2016–“The Most Reliable JPIAN“