AB Psychology

“Making a Difference in People’s Lives“

Our AB Psychology program aims to provide students with strong basic and practical knowledge to prepare them to respond to the needs of society, through basic and applied research, education, and interventions.

Our AB Psychology students acquire the necessary skills not only through classroom discussions, but also through exposure to numerous experiential learning opportunities, such as social and clinical involvements, community-extension services, internships, and practicums—guided by a faculty comprised of experienced practitioners and specialists in their respective fields of expertise.

This also allows graduates of the AB Psychology program to work as guidance counselors, professors, human resource officers or coordinators, and social workers.

Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s AB Psychology program?

100%  board exam passing rate (Psychometrician Licensure Examination)

  • We have produced AB Psychology graduates who have successfully passed the Psychometrician Licensure Examination. The performance of our students in the board exam is a reflection of how effective the teaching-learning process is of our program.

Special trainings and seminars on clinical, industrial, and educational settings of psychology

  • St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s AB Psychology program puts a strong emphasis on the integration of basic foundational knowledge with experiential learning opportunities through training exposures of our students in educational, clinical, and industrial settings of psychology. These will help them prepare to respond to the relevant needs of society in promoting optimal functioning and well-being.

Small class size for major subjects’ optimal learning

  • Because of our fewer students per class, each student can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing their ideas and perspectives during class discussions.


What Alumni are Saying?

“St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. prepares all student holistically. They provide students with and in depth discussion on the principles, theories of psychology and practical experiences like OJT and the like from various theoretical standpoints. St. Anne College serves as a vehicle for students to develop their social and emotional competencies aligned with its mission and vision.”
Mr. Michael Girard R. Alba

AB Psychology Batch 2003

“SACLI helped me to come out of my shell. My alma mater taught me how to express and handle my own ideas. It likewise helped me to improve my communication skills among my peers and mentors through the guidance of the late Dean Jonathel Artus by awakening my leadership skills as a President during my time that is a big advantage in the career I have now.”

Ms. Mitchiko Ayag

AB Psychology Batch 2015

“Some of the challenges I’ve faced include adjusting to my new environment as well as completing tasks on time. But, with the assistance of my friends and classmates, as well as the strong support of my family and professors, I can say that I had a good time in college. SACLI, particularly the Psychology Department, has influenced the person I am today.”
Ricel Formegones Arijuela

AB Psychology Batch 2020