Congratulations to our BS HRM alumnus, Jonathan Porta of Batch 2014, on winning the Malta Tourism Authority Star Awards’ Hotel Employee of the Year Award!

The DB Group Malta has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality & leisure industry, leading the largest hotels on the Maltese islands. The vision of the group is to be rated by guests amongst the best in Europe.

Mr. Porta was truly ecstatic to receive this recognition. “This award will inspire me to continue what I am doing and also to be an inspiration to many people around me. Cheers to everyone!”, he exclaimed.

This award is given to employees who have shown a lot of hard work, dedication, and excellent service.

“I was once a guest at DB resort and witnessed how Jonathan truly worked beyond his call of duty, going an extra mile for your guests…keep it up and continue to be an inspiration to many!!!”, says one of his guests. Again, congratulations! Keep raising SACLI’s green and white flag! We are truly proud of you!