BS Physical Therapy

“The ONLY PACUCUOA-Accredited BSPT School in Quezon Province”

Our BS Physical Therapy program is a four-year program that produces globally competent professionals who promote optimal health and function by providing services that develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and functional ability, for people at any stage of life, when their movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors.


Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Physical Therapy program?

The ONLY PACUCUOA-Accredited BSPT School in Quezon Province.

  • This only attests that our BS Physical Therapy program maintains excellent standards in our educational program

Opportunity to achieve competence in all aspects of Physical Therapy practice

  • Students can fill gaps in their current knowledge and skills in order to achieve full competence for all types of clinical practice and for fitness and wellness programs.

Small class size

  • We maintain a manageable class size, thus providing a more personalized learning experience for students.

Unique instructional methods

  • Our curriculum consists of a combination of subject matter-based learning and competency-based learning, and  evidence-based practice is emphasized throughout the curriculum

Faculty members who are experienced in Physical Therapy education and clinical setting

  • Our faculty consists have gone on to successful and prestigious careers in this profession.


What Alumni are Saying?

“SACLI became my second family. SACLI embraced me like a little child who is hungry for knowledge. It gave me the good foundation so that I could stand on my own. This school also guided me in every step I took, taught me academically, prepared me physically, and mentally, and supported me emotionally. SACLI helped me strengthen my weaknesses and overcome my fear. My PT also encouraged me and helped me boost my confidence.”

Ms. Rhomajade B. Rosales

BS Physical Therapy Batch 2016

“SACLI provided me with a decent education , its outstanding curriculum and dedicated professors that guided me all through out my college life since day 1 through graduation day. SACLI gave me an opportunity to see how is it like to be a PT during my clinical internship. This experience made me realize the path that I want to take in the future. “

Ms. Yaweh P. Rosales

BS Physical Therapy Batch 2010